Not able to log in freshly installed servicedesk

Not able to log in freshly installed servicedesk


 I have just downloaded servicedesk plus (downloaded today so I am guessing latest version.

I installed this on a custom path of D:/ManageEngine/ServiceDesk

 It was installed onto a virtual machine which is running Windows server 2019 datacentre with 10GB ram, with 4 CPU’s

 The server software is fully up to date.

 The problem I have having is I cannot log into it, it just gives “Username or Password is incorrect”; this is clicking on the “log in as administrator” or guest

 I have manually entered the default password for the admin account and nothing.

 I have tried to redo the server again, and reinstalled but it is just the same,

 (before I redid the  server I followed the guide on how to reset the admin password with zero luck)

Any ideas? as support says I have a free license so need to ask in here for help.



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