[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7230 is now live!

[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7230 is now live!

Hello everyone,

We are glad to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7230.

  • Microsoft 365 risk assessment: Identify potential risks in your Microsoft 365 environment with comprehensive risk assessment reports and implement the recommended mitigation measures straight from the reports.
  • Access certification campaign:
    • You can now track the progress of access certification requests.
    • The following entitlements can now be reviewed and certified through access certification campaigns:
      • NTFS permissions
      • Microsoft 365 group memberships
      • Microsoft 365 roles
      • Microsoft 365 application assignments
  • ServiceDesk Plus - ADManager Plus integration: The integration of ServiceDesk Plus with ADManager Plus now offers support to set account expiry for users and create users with an enhanced layout.
  • Copy GPOs: The capability to copy GPOs from one domain to another within a forest has been included.
  • ADManager Plus now uses upgraded versions of Apache Tomcat (version 9.0.83), JRE (Zulu JRE 1.8.362) and PostgreSQL (version 15.4).
  • Export operations have been optimised to improve performance and enhance user experience.
  • Detailed Group Members report now provides options to export the result into a single file, a single file grouped by object type, or files grouped by selected objects.
  • ADManager Plus now provides support to email the report directly from the GUI.
  • An option to send a consolidated report after the completion of the automated tasks is added while configuring the notification template.
  • You can now secure the access to shared paths by configuring the credentials of the custom service account for authentication.
  • You can now view the lockout status and time of user accounts in reports.
  • Microsoft 365 fields can now be included in creation or modification templates while using Copy User Attributes.
  • An option to view the macros list supported in custom script has been added to user modification templates.
  • The workflow request page has been redesigned to improve usability and now includes the ability to track the progress of workflows.
  • ADManager Plus offers DC sort intelligence option which when enabled sorts domain controllers according to their response time and retrieves data from the domain controller with the fastest response time.
  • Support to view the security settings (Account Policies, Local Policies, Event Log, Restricted Groups, System Services, Registry, and File System) along with the administrative template settings that will be applied on the selected user and computer has been added to the Resultant Set Of Policy and GPO Modelling reports.
  • It is now possible to specify the duration of group membership while creating workflow requests to add groups, computers, contacts to AD groups, and to add users to Microsoft 365 groups.
  • The GPO Delegation report now includes support for viewing invalid security principals and removing GPO permissions.
  • Support to automate tasks like deleting Microsoft 365 users, disabling remote mailbox, creating computers, modifying users using CSV, and more has been added.
  • The following enhancements have been made to the Orchestration Template:
    • Decision block that operates according to the previous result, which could be a webhook response, script result, or AD attribute criteria.
    • Inbound orchestration to pull data from external application and perform actions in ADManager Plus using webhook.
    • Run orchestration templates directly from the Management, Workflow, Automation, and Automation Policy tabs.
    • Support for M365 Auto Reply task has been added.
    • Delegate the orchestration templates to Help Desk Technicians.
  • While selecting reports like Recently Created Users or Soon-to-expire User Accounts as inputs in automation tasks or scheduled reports, you have the option to filter the data based on a specific time frame.
  • ADManager Plus has now enabled the addition of user photos to Microsoft 365 user accounts during user creation or modification.
  • You can now share automations, automation policies, and scheduled reports to help desk technicians with View/Edit permissions, and custom reports with View/Edit/Full Access permissions.
  • The following enhancements have been added to the Admin Audit Report,
    • Audit for creation or modification of Automation, Scheduled Reports, Custom Reports, Event-driven Automation, Webhook Template, and Orchestration Template has been added.
    • An option to access the audit history has been included in the Automation and Event-driven Automation pages.
  • An option to view the user entitlements has been added to the Modify Single User page.
Security Fix:
  • The security vulnerability which exposes NTLM V2 hashes, as reported by Metin kandemir, has been fixed.
Issues Fixed:
  • Issue in unlocking help desk technicians even if they do not exceed the total technician count allowed by their license.
  • User migration using the ADMT module in ADManager Plus failing when the user display name has a comma.
  • A minor issue in forest level duplication of email attribute when root domain is not added to ADManager Plus.
  • Email notifications are not getting triggered when a user is enabled or disabled using the Modify Single User management action.
  • Inability to view the templates by help desk technicians without the super admin role while delegating creation and modification templates to other technicians.
  • Bitlocker Disabled Computers and Bitlocker Enabled Computers reports producing inconsistent data when the Exclude Child OU(s) option is selected.
  • The email notification triggered after completion of the Modify User Attributes automation does not include the changes made to the custom attributes.
  • Issue in saving the user creation template with changes to the Microsoft 365 license without selecting a value for the Country attribute.
  • The time set for Session Expiry Time in the Connection Settings under the Admin tab is not being applied to the product globally.
  • Management actions performed directly from the reports are not updated when the Check All users option is selected.
  • Delay in creating single or bulk groups when a high number of members are added using CSV.
  • Grouping conditions option missing in user creation and modification templates has been added.
  • The All Users report displays the manager details even after the manager account is deleted in AD.
  • Issue in running backup schedules and performing restoration due to difficulties in establishing connection with elasticsearch.
  • Inconsistencies in backup schedules and data restoration due to difficulties in fetching data.
  • Issue in performing GPO backup due to intermittent product restarts.

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