[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7223 is now live!

[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7223 is now live!

Hello everyone,
We are glad to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7223.

Issues fixed:
  • An authenticated RCE security vulnerability (CVE-2024-0252) in the load balancer component has been fixed. This vulnerability was reported by Joe Zhoy.
  • An information disclosure security vulnerability reported by Samuel has been fixed  .
  • The issue of incorrect data in the Inactive Computers and Inactive Users reports under Risk Assessment has been fixed.
  • Issue in scrolling the drop-down components under the Modify Single User page has been fixed.
  • Issue in modifying the default user creation templates in languages other than English has been fixed.
  • Issues faced by Help Desk Technicians while attempting to access the Modify Single User page, as some user accounts were missing in the search results due to specific delegation settings.

How to update to this build? 
Update using the service pack.
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