[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7185 is now live!

[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7185 is now live!

Hello everyone,


We are glad to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7185, with the following enhancements and issue fixes.



      Custom HCM integration:
    • You can now provision users who were previously skipped when the automation process is run for any HCM application with Sync Type as Incremental.

    • For OAuth, you can now use client credentials as the Grant Type in Authorization.

    • You can now customize the Repeat Calling this Endpoint configuration by replacing the field values with EndpointURL or any Header to get consecutive page responses.

    • OAuth authorization now supports uploading client certificate.

    • Added SOAP API support in addition to REST API. It supports both XML and JSON responses too.

Issues fixed:

  • Issue in displaying replication errors in domain settings.

  • Issue in sending scheduled reports via email in UTF-8 format with BOM (Byte Order Mark).

  • Issue while using Copy User Attributes option to append memberOf attribute values in user creation template.

  • Issue in loading the page while configuring Server Settings, when Retain database backup files option is empty in the Retention Settings tab.

  • Issue with rules not getting populated automatically in the user creation and modification templates when the template is set as default.

  • Issue in generating custom report results if both the Last Logon Time Stamp and Last Logon Time filters are selected.


How to update to this build? 

Update using the service pack.


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Have more questions about this release? Leave a comment below or reach out to support@admanagerplus.com and we'll be happy to help you out.



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