[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7160 unveiled!

[New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7160 unveiled!

Hello Everyone,


We are delighted to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7160.  


Here's a glimpse of the build highlights:

  • Orchestration: Option to automate a series of tasks in succession at defined time intervals whenever a user or group management task is carried out in the product.

    • Orchestration Profile: Create a management profile and specify the conditions under which an orchestration has to be executed.

    • Templates: Build orchestration templates from scratch and use them to automate tasks.

    • Webhook templates: Create webhook templates and pre-fill them with REST API endpoints, messages, etc., and use them while configuring an orchestration template. You can also predefine webhook fields that hardly change and those that hold crucial data with environmental variables while creating a webhook template.

  • Integration with Power BI and Rapid7: Integrate ADManager Plus with Power BI and Rapid7 servers to forward logs seamlessly.

  • Google Workspace backup and recovery: Protect user drives, mailboxes, contacts, journals, notes, posts, tasks and calendar items from accidental deletions, insider threats, and ransomware by backing them up.

  • DC Replication Status Report: Report on the replication status of domain controllers and trigger replication instantly using this report.

  • Lingering objects Report: Fetch the lingering objects in your AD and delete them on the go.

  • BitLocker Disabled Computers Report: Obtain a list of the computers that are not encrypted with BitLocker using this report.   





  • You can now assign well-known security principals as security filters to a GPO.  

  • Custom Reports:

    • Flexibility to copy a custom report.

    • You can now perform management actions from custom reports.

  • Reports on all computers, recently created computers and BitLocker enabled computers and custom reports now display BitLocker status and recovery passwords.

  • You can now list shared mailboxes and delegate access to them using REST APIs.



For the full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes, see the release notes page.


How to update to this build? 

Update using the service pack.


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Have more questions about this release? Leave a comment below or reach out to support@admanagerplus.com and we'll help you out.



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