[New release] ADManager Plus build 7150 released with new GPO reports and loads of enhancements!

[New release] ADManager Plus build 7150 released with new GPO reports and loads of enhancements!

Hello Everyone,


We are excited to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7150.  


Here's a glimpse of the build highlights:



  •  GPO management and reporting: Five new reports have been added for enhanced GPO management and reporting. They are:
    • Resultant Set of Policy Report

    • Linked GPOs Report

    • Empty GPOs Report

    • GPOs with Inactive Policy Settings

    • Comparison of GPOs

  • You can now modify the custom attributes of computer objects.

  • It is now possible to recover the deleted AD groups.

  • Schedule and automate database backups in the product.

  • Option to view disk space information of the server where ADManager Plus is installed.



  •  Management:
    • Option to enable/disable computers from Single Computer Modification.

  • Custom HCM authorization: OAuth 2.0, Bearer, Basic Authentication and API Key have been added to authorize API requests.

  • Help desk delegation:

    • Customize columns while selecting technicians in the delegation tab.

  • Workflow: 

    • Flexibility to add comments in workflow requests.

    • Create workflow requests to add users to Microsoft 365 groups, enable and delete Lync accounts of users, enable litigation hold, and more.

  • AD search:

    • Option to apply filters and customize columns while searching for users, groups, computers and contacts.

  • Naming formats:

    • While configuring naming formats, it is now possible to preview the output format.

    • You can now choose words, initialize capitals, use Nth character, random numbers, and more in naming formats.

    • Option to automatically increase the numbers in the specified alphanumeric name to avoid duplication of attributes like logon name, mail, etc.

  • Automation:

    • Additional options have been added to the reset password action in user automation.

    • Flexibility to copy the configurations of an existing automation policy.

    • While configuring successive tasks in automation policy, it is now possible to set time in minutes.

  • A larger number of Microsoft 365 reports now use Microsoft Graph API in place of Azure AD module for swift communication.

  • Report on security policy settings like account policies, local policies, event log, restricted groups, system services, file system and registry settings using the GPO Settings report.

  • Option to use SMS verification as a two-factor authentication method.

  • Flexibility to customize columns while modifying users, groups, computers, etc.

  • Administrators can now disable concurrent logins for technicians, and also have the flexibility to sign technicians out of their active sessions.

  • Two new filters, member and memberOf have been added to filter group-based reports' results.

  • Option to create a remote shared mailbox using the shared mailbox creation template.

For the full list of features, enhancements, and bug fixes, see the release notes page.


How to update to this build? 

Update using the service pack.


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