New look! Free Windows Admin Tools

New look! Free Windows Admin Tools

Hi Folks,

We are glad to announce the release of the New User Interface of Free Windows Admin Tools and we have also revamped some of our tools in this new update. We take this opportunity to thank all our users for their feedback and continuous support. 

Highlights of this New update
  • Deploy actions on Multiple target machines.
  • Domain and workgroup credentials to be stored and retained for later actions.
  • With the new Manage Network tab, manage a group of computers in your network. Over here you can perform activities like shutdown, restart, wake on LAN, hibernate, standby and GPO update.
  • View system's command prompt lively and execute commands.
  • Uninstall MSI software.
  • Switch between computers across domains while working with any tool.
Other enhancements
  • Click on any computer and view its summary and OS details.
  • Change mode, start, stop and restart services.
  • Hibernate and Standby options are now available under Shutdown/Restart tool.
  • Column chooser and search options are now available for viewing all inventory details.
  • Export specific data in the form of CSV of text file 
  • Detect your hard disk space and view the list of local users and groups using graphical representations.
Here is the link to download

We would be happy to know your feedbacks and suggestions. Please post it here.

Hope this new look will add more excitement in working with our tools..!!