New Jersey, here we come!

New Jersey, here we come!

We are happy to take a pitstop at New Jersey this year. If you haven't booked your seats to one of the most happening IT conferences by ManageEngine, there is still time. So, reserve your seat now!

We chose New Jersey as the venue this year for the following reasons:
  • because it is home to the first brewery in the US 
  • it is the leading producer of blueberry
  • it is the city with the lowest population density
  • and has the most diners in the world :)
What do these reasons have to do with picking a venue? Nothing actually. Just a bad stunt to get your attention :)

Have you registered already? If yes, do answer these questions for us:

1. What are your expectations from this conference?
2. Is this your first ManageEngine conf?
3. Which product trainings are you planning to attend?
4. Is there anything  you'd want to share with your peers here?

Go on and tell us now! And see you all soon at New Jersey..

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