New features and upcoming releases - ManageEngine Browser Security Plus

New features and upcoming releases - ManageEngine Browser Security Plus

Hello everyone!

With the latest features and upcoming releases from Browser Security Plus, your enterprise's multi-browser management and security is about to get a whole lot better.


The new features include macOS support, managing Chromium-based browsers in macOS, and AD group support for SOM deployment.


Let's take a closer look to understand what you will benefit from these latest features.

Introducing browser security for your macOS machines:


You can now protect your Mac endpoints with same browser security policies as applied to your Windows endpoints. This will ensure to secure your browsers and bring uniformity between both Mac and Windows endpoints present in your network. You can now manage Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and other Chromium-based browsers on your Mac endpoints.


Policy deployment made easier!:

Browser Security Plus now allows you to deploy policies to specific Active Directory groups, giving you greater control over the deployment of browser security policies across your network.



And that's not all, we have some exciting new feature launches in the pipeline and they are:

  • Extension management in a closed network.

  • Web history network reports.

  • Restrict downloads based on domain.


Enhance your enterprise's browser security with ManageEngine Browser Security Plus.

Upgrade Now to the latest version to enjoy these benefits.



The ManageEngine Team.
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