New feature like zoho circuit integration and checklist for requests and some enhancement like Trash solution

New feature like zoho circuit integration and checklist for requests and some enhancement like Trash solution


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We are elated to announce the new feature like zoho circuit integration and checklist for feature and some enhancement like Trash solution, Approval slide-in,Asset Notification etc. Below is a brief run-through of the same:

New Feature

Zoho Circuit Integration

Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Zoho Circuit to systematically define and organize a sequence of tasks and automate complex workflows with low or no code.To enable the integration, go to Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Integrations > Third Party Integrations > Zoho Circuit. Know more.

After the integration is enabled, the Zoho Circuit section will be available under Setup. Circuits and Circuit Configurations are parts of Zoho Circuit.Circuits allow administrators to build nested tasks and create automated workflows with low code or no code using functional tasks such as SSH Task, DB Task, AD Task, Task Engine, and PowerShell Task Engine. To create a circuit, go to Setup > Zoho Circuit > Circuits. Know more.

  • You can create circuits for Requests and Changes.

  • You can execute circuits as custom actions in automation rules such as Request Triggers, Change Triggers, and Change Workflows.

  • SDAdmins can preview circuit execution from the change workflow execution view by hovering over the circuit node and clicking the circuit execution preview icon. Circuit execution can also be viewed from the change details page and change list view.

  • View all the executions in Circuits under Execution Logs. You can re-run a specific execution anytime.

Circuit Configurations allows you to define components for circuits. You can use components to orchestrate the logic and data flow while creating circuits. Functions, Webhooks, Scripts, Bridge, Credentials, Files, Tables, and Schedules are the components supported in Circuits. Know more.


  • Add checklists to help technician track reminders or to-do lists before closing/completing a request.

  • Associate checklists with requests from the details page or via request templates.

Administrators can create checklists and checklist items under Setup > Customization > Checklists.


Trash Solutions

You can now restore solutions from trash within 30 days from the day of deletion.

Please share your thoughts/queries/feedback.

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