New critical bug with last update 10.1.2138.13

New critical bug with last update 10.1.2138.13


Like usual, new update fix things, and brings new bugs...
But that new one is very critical !

Indeed since that last update released this week, we can no more perform remote assistance on already opened user sessions !
We can start a remote control on a computer and get to the windows logon prompt, but for already opened session (especially for ts servers), its not working anymore !
Either the error "unable to establish connection to guest agent", or the message that the remote session have been initiated, but the the browser doesn't open the remote window, nothing !
Tested with 30 clients with all distribution servers and agents up to date.
Tested with edhe, chrome, firefox. tested with colleagues.
All same issues.

That new update is a terrible nightmare !

For us desktopcentral is simply no more usuable !

A quick reaction is needed !