new admin had problem with ManageEngine_PasswordManager_Pro_11300_11301_to_12000.ppm

new admin had problem with ManageEngine_PasswordManager_Pro_11300_11301_to_12000.ppm

We have password maanger pro installed on a centos 7 vm. I have never worked with it before, but personnel changeover meant that I received an email from my boss describing CVE-2022-47523 and that I needed to upgrade to latest version. I found that we were on 10.5, so I had to apply 8 ppm files. This was quite tedious stopping, applying, starting and testing each step. Then it got frustrating when I applied ManageEngine_PasswordManager_Pro_11300_11301_to_12000.ppm , started it's 'verifying...' sequence and then died. I opened a case with support. While I was waiting for them to get back with me I started poking around the 'logs'  directory and found updatemanagerlog.txt complaining of " Unsupported major.minor version 52.0"

Not long after support came back with :

Could you please follow the provided below steps and let us know how it goes, Before proceeding kindly take a complete backup of the PMP installation directory to a different location. As you are using Mssql as a backend database. Please take a backup of the PMP database before applying the steps. In this way, if something goes wrong while updating. we will be able to revert back to the backup.

>Navigate to <PMP installation directory>/jre folder. 
>Copy the JRE_new folder and paste it into the PMP Installation directory 
>Rename the JRE folder to JRE_old. Rename the JRE_new to JRE.
>Start the service and check whether you are able to access the PMP UI.
>Once it is done please try upgrading PMP and let us know how it goes.

But there was no JRE_new folder in the PMP directory, anywhere. I did, however, find one in the ppm file itself (took me a bit to realize that the ppm files themselves were just zip files). So I exctracted it and put it in place under /var/local/ucs/PMP/jre . This let me complete the UpdateManager process. But the service wouldn't start. Error logs stated that the process couldn't find java binary. Looking back in the /var/local/ucs/PMP/jre directory, I found that it's contents had been replaced with a zipfile called '' which had not been extracted. So I unzipped it, got it oriented and then was able to continue on my merry way to 12.2 .

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