Network Monitoring tools, what do you recommend?

Network Monitoring tools, what do you recommend?


I am one of two network admins for a medium sized enterprise. We're in the middle of a tools refresh, tossing out several tools that we have had but long neglected using properly (NetScout PM and Avaya CNA to name the two biggest) and bringing in new tools that we know will need serious attention (CiscoWorks 4 and various OpNet pieces). Since we're spending big money on those (especially OpNet) and I have serious doubts that CiscoWorks can replace the traffic graphing etc that NetScout did, what open-source tools do y'all suggest I look at? We have had Cacti running in the past, and it looks like it can do it, but it suffered from the same lack of serious administration that plagued our other tools. We're a Cisco shop (except where we aren't, like load balancers, WAN optimization, packet shaping), so we can probably pull netflow data where needed. Free is the best word here, I know that SolarWinds can probably do a lot of it cheaply also, but I want to do this as a side research project, and not spend money that I don't have.

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