NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition 12.3 is now released

NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition 12.3 is now released

Hi all,

Here's a good news for all the Distributed Edition customers of NetFlow Analyzer. We have recently released the latest version 12.3 (build 123137) by bringing new features and enhancements in Distributed Edition. Upgrade to the latest version here .
The highlights of this release are:
  • Adds Deep Packet Inspection add-on to monitor network and application response times for all critical applications and URLs accessed.
  • Brings support for Cisco Meraki devices to monitor real-time network traffic and provide bandwidth usage reports by applications, APs, users, and protocols.
  • Support for sFlow monitoring for Huawei routers.
  • Enhancement: Option to send an SMS alert to multiple mobile numbers from "Alert Profiles" tab in Settings.
  • Enhancement: The reporting option in NetFlow Analyzer has been improved and simplified.
  • Enhancement: A new column for DSCP has been added to top conversation widget in dashboard.
  • Enhancement: Attacks information is now can be viewed for the selected device and interface along with some more improvements in "Attack" module.
  • Enhancement: Added the value for MIN and MAX traffic in AS View.
  • Enhancement: Dashboard loading has been revamped and optimized for better performance.
  • Enhancement: 'Guest' user privilege has been added for NetFlow installation.
  • Enhancement: SFlow flow format for multiple MPLS can be added now.
    Fixes: SQL injection vulnerabilities in Servlet's API has been fixed.
In short, the latest version of Distributed Edition is packed with new features and enhancements in all major modules of NetFlow Analyzer to improve its functionality. You can take a look at our README to know more about the other enhancements and bug fixes included in this upgrade pack (build 123137).

How to Upgrade to Build 123137? 
Existing customers can download the upgrade pack by registering in the following URL: Upgrade to NetFlow Analyzer Distributed Edition 12.3. Our technical team will contact you to assist you with the upgrade. In case you have any questions, please feel free to comment it here or send us a mail at

If you are interested in getting a 30-day free trial of Distributed Edition
:Download free trial

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