NetFlow Analyzer can collect Linux SoftFlowd exported flow data?

NetFlow Analyzer can collect Linux SoftFlowd exported flow data?

I'm trying to verify a use case of NetFlow Analyzer.

Installed and having up and running netFlow Analyzer on an Linux server.

Now, trying to export flow to the listener on port 9996, but here I'm failing somehere.

I'm trying to export flow from the same  Linux Ubuntu server Eth interface linked to a hub, through softflowd solution which is also the same server where NetFlow Analyzer is installed.

I'm using command softflowd -i MYINTERFACE -n MYIP:9996 as a standaone command
I've also gone through export flow GUI which pass ok through all steps:
A) Enter IP of source device
B) Enter the User Name, Password, Prompt, Enable Command, Enable User Name, Enable Password, and Enable Prompt.
test the connection using Ping, Test SNMP, or Test Telnet/SSH are all Passed.
C) Select Interface page, select the Loopback interface
D) Export Flow page, since NetFlow Analyzer doesn't have predefined flow export commands for this  particular device model, I manually enter the commands and execute them using NetFlow Analyzer's CLI or GUI.  (i.e. softflowd -i MYINTERFACE -n MYIP:9996)
E) when I press Close button, the device is not added.


Is it possible to use Ubuntu as an export flow source (which is actually exporting, as the "softflowctl statistics" is reporting:
softflowd[20323]: Accumulated statistics since 2019-05-25T15:30:13 UTC:
Number of active flows: 640
Packets processed: 19031
Fragments: 0
Ignored packets: 4991 (4991 non-IP, 0 too short)
Flows expired: 727 (0 forced)
Flows exported: 1408 in 55 packets (0 failures)
Packets received by libpcap: 24022
Packets dropped by libpcap: 0
Packets dropped by interface: 0

Expired flow statistics:  minimum       average       maximum
  Flow bytes:                  52          4935        796913
  Flow packets:                 1            14           862
  Duration:                  0.00s         8.61s      1005.25s

Expired flow reasons:
       tcp =         0   tcp.rst =        42   tcp.fin =       559
       udp =       126      icmp =         0   general =         0
   maxlife =         0
over 2 GiB =         0
  maxflows =         0
   flushed =         0

Per-protocol statistics:     Octets      Packets   Avg Life    Max Life
        Unknown (6):        3463683        10168       8.98s    1005.25s
       Unknown (17):         123900          361       6.85s     584.58s

if not, would it be possible to export from a Huawei DN8245F router eventually , on which I've lesser authonomy though, so wouldn't be the peferred solution.