.NET Core monitor is not showing data

.NET Core monitor is not showing data

Yesterday I installed the monitors for both .NET and .NET Core to the web server hosting most of our apps. The data returned is not what I expect:
  1. Only one .NET app is listed in the APM Insight Overview page, despite there being traffic on multiple .NET apps.
  2. No .NET Core apps appear anywhere that I can see.
It seems relevant that in the Edit APM INisght .NET Agent Configuration dialog, I see ALL apps listed on the Apps tab - .NET and .NET Core alike.

I've followed the troubleshooting steps here:

but no dice.

I have both agents configured with "Use HTTPS=false" and the same hostname/port. Both agents and APM are all running on the same machine. I've been through an IISRESET and recycling application pools.

What can I look at next to get this working?
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