Need the functionality to have redirection from http to https

Need the functionality to have redirection from http to https

Hi AD360 Team,

I had already raised this concern a couple of months back but don't see any progress or update from your end on this so posting the same here.

I'm sure this can/will benefit other customers of ManageEngine as well.

Currently AD360 allows for integrating other ManageEngine applications such as ADSSP, ADManager Plus, etc. AD360 can also be setup as Reverse Proxy so that that the required applications can be made accessible & available over the Internet (Public network) 
Over the Internet applications are, without a doubt, required to have an SSL and this is for obvious reasons. 

However, the AD360 is missing a crucial functionality of 'http' to 'https' redirection. 

So to explain with an example, currently I have ADSSP integrated with AD360 and AD360 is setup as Reverse Proxy server so that ADSSP can be accessed via the internet. The URL is set to be ''.

AD360 currently enables the access of the integrated application (ADSSP in this example) to be accessible only and only if an end-user types in:  

If an end-user types in '' this of course translates to 

In todays day, we all are habituated to look/access a desired website without the need to type in 'https' before every website URL

Hence, I want to bring it to your notice once again, that this is a missing & much needed functionality in ManageEngine AD360  which i have reported in the past and yet there is no update or even a sign that this is considered and/or a work in progress.

It's very unfortunate but it has to be added that the lack of communication and update from ManageEngine keeps getting worse.

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