Multiple LDAP Monitors to the same LDAP Server

Multiple LDAP Monitors to the same LDAP Server

I'm currently evaluating Applications Manager for our org and we have a specific need of monitoring some critical ldap servers that we're hoping Apps Manager will cover for us.

These are not standard AD ldap targets.  They are Optimal Virtual Identity Server LDAP servers.  If you're unfamiliar with this product (VIS), it's a virtual ldap server which can provide a single front-end interface for client connections but on the back-end, it connects to multiple AD forests simultaneously.  So, when a client performs a query on the front end, VIS will perform that same query on all the back-end AD connections simultaneously and translate all responses into one return to the client.  Each connection to a back-end AD is represented in the front end LDAP org tree as an OU off of the root.  Example....

OU=AD1,DC=MyVirtualLDAP,DC=com would be a connection to ad1.myinternaldomain.local
OU=AD2,DC=MyVirtualLDAP,DC=com would be a connection to otherAD.internal
and so on.....

Our monitoring need is to verify that VIS can access each of those back end connections and alert and/or act in the event of a problem.  So, we need multiple LDAP monitors to the same ldap server with each monitor testing a different OU.  And yes.  We will so be testing the back end connection hosts on their own but we need to test through VIS to verify it has network connectivity to each back-end host as well.

Creating the first LDAP monitor to a VIS host went fine and works as expected, however, when I attempt to add the next monitor (basically all the same info as the first monitor except with a different Search Base), I'm told "Monitor already exists."  Is it not possible to do what I need to do with Apps Manager?

Thanks all.

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