Monthly trend reports by category (graph) and Request Summary reports

Monthly trend reports by category (graph) and Request Summary reports

I've been using Service Desk Plus (on-prem) for a long time and I can run some basic reports based on Time Spent, SLA, and Request Summary, etc..  I'm looking for additional reports that will provide me more insight into our tickets.  I tried playing around with some of the custom reports but to be honest, there's so many different options that it's a bit overwhelming.  I am looking for the following reports, you would think these would be standard reports that would be available out of the box.  I'm hoping someone can share some information on how I can run these.

 1. Graph of Trend reports - for example, I want to look at the last 12 months and see how tickets are trending from month to month, based on category or subcategory.  For instance, I want to be able to see if we're getting more printer requests from month to month, specific applications, etc.  It would be great to have a bar chart for this.

2. Average time spent per request - for example, I want to see the total number of printer tickets last month and the average time to resolve.  Let's say we had 100 printer tickets and it took an average of 4 hrs 30 min to resolve.  This would be based on subcategory.

3. graph of Request Summary Report, percent of completed requests by category or subcategory.  I was able to run this report  but it's not graphical, I would like to have a pie chart or bar chart.  Here's the criteria I used:

Column to group, Columns: Completed Time and Year, Month

Group By: Subcategory

Summary column by: Count of Request ID or Percent of Request ID

Date Filter: Completed Time - last 12 months or 1 month at a time

Request Status is closed

Priority is P3, P4

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