Model change in Requests and restrictions in Scripts

Model change in Requests and restrictions in Scripts

Dear users,


Some of the recent modifications we made to the Requests module have caused a behavior change in the application.


Asset association to a request will no more be mapped to the CIID. Instead, it will be mapped to the ASSETID. Therefore, users will need to update the following:


1. Requests created through APIs or scripts with asset associations must be updated with the AssetID. To obtain the ASSETID, use the GET Asset API.


2. Scripts used to update asset status using request json must be updated. If you've used a python script to update the asset status using the CIID from the request json, reconfigure the script to point to the ASSETID instead of the CIID.


Besides these areas, there will be no major changes in the current flow. These changes will be in accordance with the upcoming CMDB revamp. Moreover, the CI association in Requests will also be available in the future releases.


If you have any questions, please write to us at You can also contact us and meet other users at our Community or Forums.