Mobile Device Manager Plus Free Training

Mobile Device Manager Plus Free Training

Join us on March 12 to 26, 2024, every Tuesday at 6:30 GMT and 11:30 EST for a free training session on ManageEngine's enterprise mobility management solution - Mobile Device Manager Plus!

Here's what we'll cover each week:

Week 1: Device Onboarding and Provisioning

  • Swiftly onboard devices with multiple enrollment methods. Choose the option that aligns best with your organization's needs – be it admin-led, user-initiated, or out-of-the-box enrollment.

  • Quickly set up devices by applying settings like Wi-Fi, VPN, and Exchange ActiveSync upon enrollment.

  • Creating virtual containers on personal devices to segregate personal and corporate data effectively.

  • Ensuring only devices adhering to organization's compliance policies are granted access to corporate Exchange accounts.

Week 2: App Management and Device Security.

  • Installing, updating, and uninstalling both Store and enterprise apps without requiring user intervention.

  • Lockdown devices for specific purposes with single or multiple apps to run while restricting access to other functionalities and settings using Kiosk mode. Discover how to create web shortcuts and incorporate them into Kiosk settings.

  • Keeping device operating systems updated with all necessary security patches.

  • Protecting corporate data on lost or stolen devices by enabling Lost Mode. Remotely lock, locate, and wipe devices to ensure data security.

Week 3: Modern Management of Windows 10, 11, and Macs

  • Onboarding Windows 10, 11 laptops/desktops and Mac machines into MDM with automated enrollment methods, reducing setup time and ensuring corporate readiness without user intervention

  • Remotely deploying configurations, including account creation and policies such as Wi-Fi and E-mail settings

  • Silently installing Store and enterprise apps without user intervention

  • Implementing robust security measures to safeguard corporate data, including sandboxing shared documents and preventing unauthorized access

Register here, we're looking forward to an insightful session of learning!

The ManageEngine Team

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