Migrating PMP to new server

Migrating PMP to new server


I am currently running PMP with SQL Express as its backend database. I will be decommissioning the current server soon and want to migrate to an upgraded Windows server using SQL 2016 (not express) as the backend database. I will also be implementing HA with the new deployment.

On the primary server, I have already installed a fresh installation of PMP and the service was successfully started. However, my attempt at migrating the data was not entirely a success. I took as copy of the latest database backup and restored it directly to the new database, and while the restore was successful, I am unable to start back the services. I reviewed the wrapper log, but it just indicates that there was a halt. The other logs indicate issues with the keys not being found, etc.

My second attempt after reinstalling the application was to copy the PMP directory from the current server, copy the encryption key file and update the manage_key.conf to point to the new location of the key, this resolved some of the errors but not all and the service still isn't staying started. 

I would appreciate some assistance with completing this migration. 

Thanks in advance 

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