Microsoft releases security updated for Edge for business 87.0.664.41

Microsoft releases security updated for Edge for business 87.0.664.41

Hello everyone,

Microsoft has released security updates for Microsoft Edge for business 87.0.664.41. This update fixes about 19 vulnerabilities, the details of which are as follows:

 CVE ID Vulnerability Severity
 CVE-2020-16012 Side-channel information leakage in graphics Low
 CVE-2020-16014 Use after free in PPAPI High
 CVE-2020-16015 Insufficient data validation in WASM High
 CVE-2020-16018 Use after free in payments High
 CVE-2020-16022 Insufficient policy enforcement in networking High
 CVE-2020-16023 Use after free in WebCodecs High
 CVE-2020-16024 Heap buffer overflow in UI High
 CVE-2020-16025 Heap buffer overflow in clipboard High
 CVE-2020-16026 Use after free in WebRTC Medium
 CVE-2020-16027 Insufficient policy enforcement in developer tools Medium
 CVE-2020-16028 Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC Medium
 CVE-2020-16029 Inappropriate implementation in PDFium Medium
 CVE-2020-16030 Insufficient data validation in Blink Medium
 CVE-2019-8075 Insufficient data validation in Flash Medium
 CVE-2020-16031 Incorrect security UI in tab preview Medium
 CVE-2020-16032 Incorrect security UI in sharing Medium
 CVE-2020-16033 Incorrect security UI in WebUSB Medium
 CVE-2020-16034 Inappropriate implementation in WebRTC  Medium
 CVE-2020-16036 Inappropriate implementation in cookies Low

The updates can be deployed using Vulnerability Manager Plus. Initiate a sync between the Central Patch Repository and the Vulnerability Manager Plus server. Once synced, search for the following Patch IDs or Bulletin IDs and deploy them to your target systems.

 Patch ID  Bulletin ID Patch Description
 317124 TU-1035 Microsoft Edge for chromium business (87.0.664.41)
 317089 TU-1035 Microsoft Edge for chromium business (x64) (87.0.664.41)


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