MDM will no longer be an add-on! It will be now available in all editions of Endpoint Central.

MDM will no longer be an add-on! It will be now available in all editions of Endpoint Central.

Hi all!
We are here with two exciting announcements that offer you an enhanced experience with Endpoint Central.
As you all must be aware, we have four editions of Endpoint Central - UEM, Enterprise, Professional and Free. Up until now, our MDM capability has been available by default only for UEM edition, whereas for Enterprise and Professional editions it's been available only as an Add-on.
We are glad to announce that MDM will no longer be an add-on but will be available by default in all the editions of Endpoint Central! This is applicable for on-premises, cloud and MSP offerings of Endpoint Central. This will come into effect from August 2022.
Why? As we tightly embrace UEM, this move is to blur the line between a computer and a mobile device. We have moved past seeing them as two separate entities but have evolved to manage and secure them alike, using a single platform, which is the very essence of UEM. This change will give all our paid users the unified experience of endpoint management.
As a ripple effect of this change, the Free edition will now have 25 'endpoint' licenses!
There will be no more computer/device separation in licenses but only 'endpoint' licenses. This way, the Free edition users can freely manage a mix and match of computers, servers and mobile devices as they like - with up to 25 endpoint licenses available to them.


1. What happens to current Enterprise and Professional edition users who have bought an MDM add-on?
The existing users who have purchased an MDM add-on will not face any impact on the total number of endpoints they can manage. Their total 'endpoint' count will be the sum of 'computers count' and 'mobile devices count' they have already purchased, so they will remain unaffected.
2. How will the license renewal work?
There will be no complications, users can purchase their desired edition with required endpoint counts during renewal.
3. What happens to existing Free users with more than 25 endpoints?
For the Free edition users, the excess mobile devices will be moved to hold stage. They will be given a buffer period of 30 days to either purchase additional licenses or remove any computer/server/mobile device from Endpoint Central to free up the license for managing those mobile devices.
4. Will the cost of the paid editions change?
Users can now use MDM with all editions at zero extra cost. The existing prices of Endpoint Central's editions remain the same.
5. MDM has two editions. How will this work going forward?
Endpoint Central's Enterprise edition users will get all the features of MDM Professional edition whereas Endpoint Central's Professional edition users will get all the features of MDM Standard edition. Endpoint Central MSP's Enterprise users will get MDM MSP Professional features.
As more and more employees work remotely, we have made it a little easy for you to empower your end-users to work with complete mobility!
Team Endpoint Central

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