Mandatory Approvals & Reporting

Mandatory Approvals & Reporting

Hi there,

Have been working with SDP for years, but this is my first time working with approvals. We have been informed by our auditors that we need better approval mechanisms and reporting.

Manually sending approvals is very simple, but we want to be able to mandate this so technicians cannot skip or forget approvals. My questions:

1. Can we somehow make approvals mandatory? For example, if category = access request, the ticket cannot be closed unless someone has approved?
2. Can we automate this somehow? Sending a manual approval is fairly easy, but ideally can this be automated? For example, once category = access request, the system sends out an approval request.

We've tried using lifecycles, but there doesn't seem to be any action that sends an approval request. The only approval functionality is conditional (if approval = yes, then...).


Reporting Approvals: In testing manual approvals, it seems the only field we can report on is whether the request was approved, but no WHO approved it. Our auditors need to see WHO approved the request. Is there a way we can report WHO approved the requests? 

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