ManageEngine Supportcenter Plus - version 14.5 - Build - 14504 is available

ManageEngine Supportcenter Plus - version 14.5 - Build - 14504 is available

Dear User(s)

Greetings for the day. We released Supportcenter Plus - version 14.5 - Build - 14504 (Hotfix release). 

Please refer to the Migration path and the read me available to upgrade your SCP instance.

Issues Fixed :

SCP -  6318 : Support rep name / Email ID included in To field under Custom Triggers > Notification Action.

Behaviour Change : SCP - 6367 : The prefix 'portal/' in Customer Portal URLs has been changed to 'cxportal/'. 

Details about the Behavior changes  :

Post upgrade to 14504, the prefix 'portal/' in Customer Portal URLs will be changed to 'cxportal/'. Therefore, we request you to change your Customer Portal URLs accordingly (wherever applicable).


1. Old Customer Portal URLs (URLs with '/portal' prefix) will still work and support will be removed in 2 months.

2. Default Customer Portal can only be accessed using '/cxportal' now.

3. URL alias should be unique across Portals and Customer Portals.

 Here are some sample URLs for your understanding :

  1. Old URL alias: -> New URL alias:

  1. Old URL alias: -> New URL alias:

Following is the support policy of Supportcenter Plus :
  • Please follow our Announcements on major EOL topic , API changes, feature releases periodically. Please sign up and follow our community to get periodic updates.
  • Product support will be offered only for builds that are one year old. To continue receiving support, you will have to move to the latest version of Supportcenter Plus.
  • Service packs released will be applicable only over the latest available build of Supportcenter Plus.
  • Unpublished V3 API support is not available.
  • We are stopping support for version 14.2 and below by this year end. Hence I request all users to plan your upgrades. Please upgrade to the latest versions to get more enhancements.
  • Free users are not eligible for the upgrades and related support.

Regularly updating your software is a good practice, and we advise doing so at least twice a year to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements that can significantly benefit your business.

Please do the upgrade only in a test environment first and based on the result please do the upgrade on the Production environment. You can contact our support at for any assistance. 

Thanks for your continuous support

Head of Service Delivery
ManageEngine Supportcenter Plus Team

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