ManageEngine strengthens end-point security with Browser Security Plus!

ManageEngine strengthens end-point security with Browser Security Plus!

We are super excited to announce the launch of Browser Security Plus - a tool that combines browser security functionalities with seamless multi-browser management capabilities.

With cloud applications taking over organisations, browsers have not only become the conduit to access business data, but also to cyberattacks. It has now become an absolute necessity to secure browsers in order to secure the data, that users access through these browsers. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with Browser Security Plus. 

It enables IT administrators to enforce security policies, control browser extensions and plug-ins, sandbox and lockdown their enterprise browsers and establish and ensure compliance to configurations. 

Feature highlights: 

Compliance: IT teams can set rules required by their organization, and also monitor for compliance with Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG) and industry security standards predefined by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).  

Policy deployment: Browser configurations are intelligently grouped into policies that address specific requirements like threat defense and data leakage prevention. 

Add-on management: IT teams can provide and revoke access to browser add-ons like extensions and plug-ins based on their reliability, and also silently push mission-critical extensions to computers from a central repository. 

Browser isolation: Segregate trusted websites and business applications from their untrusted counterparts. Untrusted sites are rendered in a virtual browser to ensure enterprise data remains secure. 

Browser router: Legacy applications are automatically opened in Internet Explorer, a legacy browser, even when opened in Edge or Chrome. 

Java manager: Map different Java versions to web applications based on the requirement. Run multiple versions side by side on a single machine. 

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