ManageEngine service not starting on "Managed Server"

ManageEngine service not starting on "Managed Server"



We have 1 admin server set up as well as 1 managed server.

I have the license successfully uploaded into the admin server.

 Build 12.2.0

The two issues we are having are:

  1. On the admin server, all of the tabs except Dashboard and Support are grayed out, and the Dashboard tab is empty.
  2. On the managed server, the ManageEngine service will not start, which is preventing me from getting into the ELA web console.


I have ran both .bat files to set up the respective servers as Admin and Managed.

The service stopped and wouldn't start again some time after I ran the .bat file to make the managed server a managed server.
We do utilize a service account for this service which has the correct password in place associated with AD as well as the correct permissions for the service account set on the ManageEngine install directory folder.


Unfortunately I am unable to send any logs or config files due to these systems being in a controlled environment.


I appreciate any and all help. Thanks a lot!

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