ManageEngine rolls out M365 Security Plus

ManageEngine rolls out M365 Security Plus

Hi Everybody,

ManageEngine is delighted to announce the newest addition to its suite of enterprise applications- M365 Security Plus! It is a complete security solution that will help protect and fortify your Microsoft 365 environment.


It's packed with some exciting features. Want to know more? Read on!


  • Granular auditing: Perform detailed audits on the various activities of Microsoft 365 services such as admin and user activities, non-owner mailbox access, failed logon attempts, password and license modifications, roles and permission changes, file access, malware detection, and more with extensive reports.

  • Custom audit profiles: Carry out efficient compliance management by creating custom audit profiles in line with the compliance requirements of SOXPCI-DSSHIPAAFISMA, and GLBA. You can schedule these reports to be generated periodically and have them mailed to you. The reports can also be exported in various formats such as CSV, XLS, PDF, and HTML.

  • Real-time alerts: Configure alert profiles to receive instant alerts for critical events such as changes in password, malware filters, security settings, role assignments, and more. The alerts will provide detailed information such as the severity of the event, alert trigger, time of occurrence, etc.

  • 24x7 monitoring: Ensure around-the-clock monitoring of health and performance of Microsoft 365 services; their features and endpoints. Get instant alerts on service outages with details of the occurred event.

  • Advanced content search: Enhance email security with in-depth, condition-based or pattern-based searches to identify emails with personal information such as social security number, login credentials, and more. You can also automate these searches and receive alerts for the same.

  • Help desk delegation: Create custom help desk roles and assign non-admin users as technicians without change of roles or permissions in native Microsoft 365. Leverage advanced features such as cross-tenant, domain-based, attribute-level delegation, and more.


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