ManageEngine Pitstop is transitioning to a new platform.

ManageEngine Pitstop is transitioning to a new platform.

Hi folks!


ManageEngine Community is on the brink of transitioning to a new platform and we wanted to share the exciting news with you!


Why the change? 

To be honest, the platform we were on all these years was eol-ed a few years back. Besides, we thought it's time for a makeover. 


The new platform.

Powered by Zoho Desk, the refreshed Community, the new platform comes with some perks like improved GUI, and is fully gamified.


What this transition means to our members.

1. We've migrated the existing conversations to the new portal. Other data specific to your profile and points will be ported over the next three weeks. Basically, all your data is in tact.

2. You will be prompted to log into the new platform. Continue to log in with your existing credentials. 

3.Should you encounter any glitches, write to us at


Do continue your interactions, connect, question, share, and have fun! 



ManageEngine PitStop 


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