ManageEngine OS Deployer 5.0 - Now Available

ManageEngine OS Deployer 5.0 - Now Available

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We  are glad  to announce  the general availability  of  ManageEngine OS  Deployer (OSD) 5.0   for download  and evaluation (30 day free trial).  We  take  this opportunity  to thank  all  our customers  and users  for  their feedback  and  the continued support.

Highlights  of  OSD  5.0


Support  for Windows  8.1  including Update  and Windows Server  2012  R2.

Updated  multicast  protocol  that enables  up  to  times faster  deployment (compared  to  OSD 4)   to multiple machines  across a network.

The Universal  Deploy feature  is  now included  in  all  OSD  5 licenses.


Refer  here   for  the complete list  of what's  new  in  OSD  5.0


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