ManageEngine - Free Windows Health Monitor Tool

ManageEngine - Free Windows Health Monitor Tool

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Free Windows Health Monitor Tool.

ManageEngine Windows Health Monitor tool provides exclusive windows network monitoring, as a desktop tool. It shows the actual resource utilization of the windows servers like CPU utilization and memory utilization , disk utilization , Disk I/O , Network Rx and Tx details and the tool presents Physical Hardware details like Disk details, Processor details and Memory details and more. It shows the details of important applications that are running in the Windows server for example : MSSQL Server, MSExchange server.
Using the tool, administrator can also set threshold values for CPU, Disk and Memory usage, like warning and critical  thresholds. The IT administrator can then effortlessly manage the servers to prevent server crash, or bring back the servers to normal functioning state.

The ManageEngine Free Windows Health Monitor Tool serves as a smart desktop tool that continuously monitors servers across your network for their availability, giving you simple yet real-time network monitoring solution.

ManageEngine Windows Health Monitor helps an administrator to view the following parameters of a Windows server :
  • Operating System Details
  • Processor Details
  • CPU Utilization information
  • Memory Utilization Details
  • Storage Details
  • Disk Write/Read Details
  • Status of MSSql Server and Exchange Server
  • Network Rx/Tx

Dashboard View

You an see the glimpse of the network view in a dashboard view which shows top 3 Memory utilization, top 3 CPU utilization and Top 3 Disk utilization reports

Server View

ManageEngine's Windows Health monitor shows exhaustive reports of the Windows servers in a network. Tool presents the Performance parameters details like CPU , Memory, Disk and Network utilization details using elegant graphical charts and reports and also Physical server details like processor type, Disk details and more.

You can download the ManageEngine Free Windows Health Monitor Tool from the following url.

Feel free to post your feedback on this tool.

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