ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor Release

ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor Release

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor. The tool provides complete solution for SQL Monitoring.

The ManageEngine SQL Health Monitoring tool monitors the important parameters of MS SQL database. The tool helps to monitors the MS SQL 2005 server and MS SQL 2008 servers. The tool fetches comprehensive data about the SQL database servers and present them as a visually elegant graphs and reports. Using the tool, the administrator can also monitor the CPU usage, Disk usage, Memory usage, MS SQL performance parameters and also user can set threshold value for these parameter.  

Key Benefits

  • Monitor Performance and Availability of SQL Servers - MS SQL 2005 server and MS SQL 2008 server
  • Auto discovery of SQL servers in the network
  • Agent-less monitoring of SQL Servers
  • Alert DB administrator based on threshold setting
  • Monitors 2 MS SQL server simultaneously 

Server Details View

Administrator can see server resources details like CPU Utilization ,Memory Utilization ,Storage Details and status of the application running on the server, network status information, MS SQL version.

MS SQL Server Details

MS SQL database performance parameters like Buffer details, Memory details, Lock and latches information and SQL statistics such as login, logout, active database connection status are shown.

Database details

DBA can also see the individual database parameters like Active transaction, Database size of log file used, cache hit ratio status.

DashBoard View

The SQL Health Monitor tool has a Dashboard view to show the important parameter indicators of the server such as Memory utilization, CPU usage, Disk utilization. Important performance parameter of the MS SQL database such as page write, page read ,buffer cache hit ratio and also tool will show the status of the performance indicators.

You can download the ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor from the following link.

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