ManageEngine - Free Process Traffic Monitor Tool Release.

ManageEngine - Free Process Traffic Monitor Tool Release.

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Free Process-Traffic Monitor Tool.

"ManageEngine Free Process Traffic Monitor"  tool,  allows you to monitor traffic usage of a Windows server continuously. Tool populates incoming and outgoing traffic usage (of the machine / server / individual interfaces ) details in a elegant graphs and reports.  The tool lists all the port occupying processes in the given machine and also provides performance metrics of the above processes.

Key Features
  • View server/interface traffic usage graphically.
  • View traffic usage per interface graphically.
  • Identify and monitor processes/applications that occupy ports.
  • Identify which process/application uses which port and how much traffic each process is generating.
  • Configure thresholds for incoming & outgoing traffic usage at various level and get indication on exceeding.
  • Customize the tabular view by choosing the columns from list of parameters being monitored.
  • Search based on process name and sort based on any column.
  • View details of individual processes in separate window.
  • Terminate processes that are not required anymore from GUI.
The tool provides traffic usage and process details in two separate views.
Interface Traffic View

This tab lists all the active interfaces of the given machine. Based on user selection it displays the traffic usage of the selected interface or overall traffic usage of machine, graphically. By default it displays the overall system traffic usage.


  Process Traffic View

This tab lists all the port occupying process details in the given machine with few important performance metrics like CPU Usage, Memory Usage, thread count and few useful information like process name, process ID, port number, protocol, user name etc, in tabular form. Most importantly it shows the incoming & out going traffic generated by each and every process.


To download the ManageEngine Free Process-Traffic Monitor tool please visit,



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