ManageEngine - Free Ping Tool

ManageEngine - Free Ping Tool

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Free Ping Tool.

ManageEngine Free Ping Tool provides an exclusively monitoring the availability of the server, switch, router and websites as a desktop tool dashboard. It shows the actual round trip time of servers internally and also for the external websites. In case of non availability of servers then alert signal are shown in the dashboard . If at all, server goes down or non availability of server due to other network problem or response time increases alarmingly than the desired level.The IT administrator can then effortlessly manage instances to prevent server crash, or bring back the servers to normal functioning state.

The ManageEngine Free Ping Tool serves as a smart desktop tool that continuously monitors servers across your network and also external websites for their availability, giving you simple yet real-time network monitoring solution.

The following is a screen shot of the tool,

ManageEngine Free Ping Tool helps an administrator to view the following parameters and gives the availability of the server and its response time in real-time. The features are,
  • Monitor Status of the servers, devices and websites.
  • Ping Success Count.
  • Ping Failure Count.
  • Host IPAddress.

  • RoundTripTime.
  • TimeToLive.

Graph Details :  

The ManageEngine Free ping tool give the round trip time in a intuitive moving real time graph. Graph is drawn with Number of instances in the X-axis versus RoundTripTime (ms) in Y-axis for multiple hosts. The graph is drawn over the specified refresh time Intervals.

You can download the ManageEngine Free Ping Tool from the following url .

Feel free to post your feedback on this tool.

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