ManageEngine - Free Exchange Health Monitor Tool

ManageEngine - Free Exchange Health Monitor Tool

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor Free Tool.

ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor Free tool provides an exclusive Exchange 2003 server and Exchange 2007 server monitoring, as a desktop tool dashboard. It shows the actual resource utilization of the Exchange servers along with exhaustive information about the Mail Queue details of the Exchange Server . The dashboard quickly shows Mail Box parameters like Queue size , User Count , Logons and Transport Details like Delivery Queues and POP / IMAP performance counters and how much CPU and memory are allocated to ⁄ consumed by Exchange Server etc., in an intuitive bar graph.

Using the tool, administrator can also set threshold values for CPU and memory usage,Disk usage and individual mail queue sizes , like critical and warning thresholds. If at all, the Exchange servers behave abnormally and the CPU and memory utilization is in higher side or disk space is not enough or queue size dangerously crosses threshold limits then alert signals will be shown in the dashboard Tool.

The screenshots are


Some of the feature sets.

Server parameters

  • CPU Usage

  • Memory Used

  • Disk Space

  • Disk Read Rate

  • Disk Write Rate

MailBox Details

  • Messages Sent/sec

  • User Count

  • Active User Count

  • Send Queue Size

  • Receive Queue Size

  • Active Connection Count

  • Active Client Logons

  • Peak Client Logons

Transport Details
  • Active Mailbox Delivery Queue

  • Retry Mailbox Delivery Queue

  • Active Remote Delivery Queue

  • Retry Remote Delivery Queue

and POP/IMAP Performance Metrics

You can download the ManageEngine Exchange Health Monitor Free Tool from the following link.

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