ManageEngine - Free EC2 Health Monitor Tool Release.

ManageEngine - Free EC2 Health Monitor Tool Release.

We take immense pleasure in announcing the release of ManageEngine Free EC2 Health Monitor Tool.

ManageEngine "Free EC2 Health Monitor" Tool,  allows you to monitor performance metrics like CPU Utilization, Network In, Network Out, Disk Read and Disk Write of Amazon EC2  instances continuously. This tool presents the resource usage in an elegant graph and reports. It also shows the number of instances present and the number of instances that are in running state or stopped state in a tree view.

Key Benefits:
  • Monitors Amazon EC2 instances
  • Monitors performance metrics of CPU
  • Glance EC2 Network performance
  • Gives EC2 Disk performance
  • Monitor from Remote location
  • No Agent required
Live Feed Data:

In this data retrieval mode, this tool retrieves the data of EC2 instance from amazon periodically at every Data Fetch Interval (e.g., 30 seconds by default). This tool renders the past one hour data graphically. Default monitoring mode is "Live Feed Data".

Historical Data:

Tool monitors the performance parameters of an AMI for specific date and time interval (start date, end date, start time and end time)

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