ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor Tool

ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor Tool

Dear All,

We take immense pleasure to announce the release of ManageEngine Free Azure Performance Monitor Tool.

ManageEngine Azure Performance Monitor Tool, allows you to monitor performance of roles deployed in Azure environment by monitoring CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization in real time. This tool presents the resource usage in an elegant graph and reports. It also shows the important Performance Counters for the Web/Worker Roles present in a tree view. This tool also populates Event Log records collected from Azure environment.

This tool provides the following views to the user.

1. Event Logs View
    In this view the user is presented with all the events collected over a selected time interval for all the roles deployed.  Detailed event view is shown on the click of the event row.

2. Dashboard View

In this view, the user is presented with a comprehensive view of the Memory Utilization, CPU Utilization and few ASP.NET counters and set of Event Logs whose source is the selected Web/Worker Role.

3. CPU & Memory Utilization

Elegant  graphs showing CPU ( \Processor\% Processor Time)   and Memory ( \Memory\Available MBytes. ) Utilization details are presented to administrator.

CPU Utilization

Memory Utilization

You can download this tool from the following link.

To know more about the tool please visit

We will be glad to know your feedback about this tool.

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