ManageEngine FileAudit Plus' new Build 4100 has been released.

ManageEngine FileAudit Plus' new Build 4100 has been released.

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Greetings from ManageEngine FileAudit Plus!

We are delighted to announce the release of ManageEngine FileAudit Plus 4100 build. FileAudit Plus has undergone a major revamp. The new build is easier to use and is also packed with additional features that ensure better data security and information management within your windows file server environment. Please find the new features, enhancements and fixes below.

To explore FileAudit Plus, download the complete build at:
To upgrade, download the service pack at:


  • ‘Access Analysis Reports’- Pre-configured reports that provide a summary view of the most accessed/modified files, most accesses by process/user and files accessed/modified after N days.
  • ‘Storage Analysis Reports’- Helps isolate old, stale (unused), unmodified, large, hidden and non-business files and also provides graphical insight into how your disk space is being utilized.
  • Threshold-based alerts- Lets the admin define a threshold limit beyond which alerts can be triggered, which allows for detection of ransomware and other similar attacks for instance.
  • Local files/folders can be audited.



  • Specific folders within any share can be audited (sub-shares).
  • Custom time periods can be defined.
  • ‘Access Audit Report’ has additional filters and also lets you create custom views.
  • Exclude users, file types, file name/local path/process name from being monitored both domain and server wise now.


  • Mail Server TLS configuration issue- fixed.
  • Business hour configuration issue- fixed.
  • Exporting huge volumes of data issue- fixed.


We have done our best to incorporate your suggestions into our product. We hope it is to your liking, looking forward to your comments and feedback.



FileAudit Plus Team.

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