ManageEngine announces direction change for the IT360 Product.

ManageEngine announces direction change for the IT360 Product.

One of the feedback from IT360 customers was, that IT360 upgrade to the latest versions of its point products (Applications Manager, OpManager, ServiceDesk Plus etc.,) was taking a longer time. This was delaying the availability of the latest features released in the point product to IT360 customers.

In order to make the latest features available to customer immediately, we have come up with a new engineering approach wherein the capabilities of IT360 moves into the point products. As a result of this, the current integrated IT360 single product is no longer required and hence will not be available in the future.  This will ensure that the point products can be used as either standalone or integrated without waiting for a new integrated product release.

This change in direction was already communicated to the IT360 customer earlier this year, and now we have the migration path available for IT360 customer to move to the new architecture. 


The following describes the product migration for IT360 Professional and Enterprise editions to the respective ManageEngine point products with similar functionality:

IT360 ServiceDesk

For Service Desk functionality, customers using IT360 Professional and Enterprise Editions will have to migrate to the standalone (point product) ServiceDesk Plus. Similarly customers using IT360 MSP Edition will have to migrate to standalone ServiceDesk Plus MSP. ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceDesk Plus MSP will provide equivalent functionality to the Service Desk capabilities found in the IT360. Customers can migrate their data from IT360 Service Desk to the standalone Service Desk without loss in Service Desk functionality.


IT360 Monitoring

For IT infrastructure monitoring, ManageEngine offers OpManager for network monitoring, Applications Manager for servers and applications monitoring, Netflow Analyzer for bandwidth monitoring, OpStor for storage monitoring, OpUtils for IPAM & switch port mapping. While these solutions does not provide out-of-box features like MSP views and customer segmentation (which are supported in IT360 MSP Edition alone), each of these products can be configured to create "groups" to provide equivalent functionality. Customers will need to migrate to these ManageEngine point products.

When customers are ready to migrate to ManageEngine point products, we will provide an equivalent license to the products you have used in IT360.

We would like to inform you that the migration procedures are now available and you can use these procedures to migrate data in your IT360 setup to the respective point products.

Please find our migration documents as follows:

1. For ManageEngine IT360 Professional edition customers : Click Here

2. For ManageEngine IT360 MSP edition customers : Click Here

3. For ManageEngine IT360 Enterprise edition customers : Click Here

IT360 product will be supported till December 31, 2015. Considering the time involved in migrating & stabilizing the system and to understand the newly migrated system, we would recommend you to start preparing your IT360 system for migration at the earliest available opportunity.

At ManageEngine, we are committed to making this migration as smooth as possible. In the meantime, please feel free to contact IT360 Support Team ( it360-support[at]manageengine[dot].com ) with any questions.

Best Regards,
ManageEngine Team