Manage teams policies in Microsoft Teams

Manage teams policies in Microsoft Teams

Team policies help define what users can and cannot do in teams and channels. You can specify if users can discover private teams and create private channels. Manage team policies using the Microsoft Teams admin center, where you can select the default organization-wide global policy, or create custom policies and assign them to users. All users will be assigned the global policy by default unless a custom policy is assigned to them.

To create a custom policy using the Microsoft Teams admin center:

Create granular custom policies using M365 Manager Plus

M365 Manager Plus helps you assign custom team policies that have granular rules to control the actions of both the members and owners of a team. These policies can be customized and assigned to teams in bulk by simply importing a CSV file. You can also leverage the automation feature to create teams automatically and to assign custom team policies to the created teams. The customized policy can be assigned to all the teams in your organization using the option to import objects from the All Teams report. The automated tasks can be run at set time frequencies to reduce the admin workload.

To automate team policy update using M365 Manager Plus:

To learn more about managing Microsoft Teams using M365 Manager Plus, click here.

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