Make the HA status alert notification configurable

Make the HA status alert notification configurable

Hi all,

We would like to see an option added to the product.
Currently we have PMP configured in a HA setup. On disruption or restoration of the HA connection, an email notification is automatically send to all users with an administrator license in the product.

However, within our organisation, the persons who have administrative privileges in PMP are not the same persons who acutally monitor the HA status of the product. There seems to be no option to configure the alert to go to someone else (someone other than an administrator) (for instance via the Notification Email IDs option).

So our request is 2-fold:

  1. Add an option to the Notification Email IDs and allow sending the HA status notification to persons without access to Password Manager Pro
  2. Add a configurable option for administrative users so they  enable/disable these HA notifications,

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