Mail fetching and mail sending issues faced by Office 365 users.

Mail fetching and mail sending issues faced by Office 365 users.

Dear User(s)

Due to an update in Office 365, couple of our users are facing Incoming and Outgoing Mail issue. If you are one among them, please follow the below steps to fix it.

Error message in UI:

If you stop the fetching and click save you will get the below error message.

FAILURE : E-mail settings saved successfully. Could not find valid certification path to requested target, so kindly configure to apply Trusted/Self Signed Certificate

Error trace in logs: ( Present under <ServiceDeskPlusMSP>/server/default/log) PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target|

Steps to follow:

1. Download the file from the below link and extract  the gencert.bat file to the ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus MSP directory. 
After extraction you should place the below files 

gencert.bat under ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus-MSP

Cert.jar should be under ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus-MSP\lib directory. 

2.Connect to the commandprompt and goto ManageEngne\Servicedesk Plus MSP and run the batch file with following format: 

C:>Manageengine\Servicedesk Plus MSP>gencert.bat exchangeservername:portnumber (Please use your incoming mail server port) 

3. Running the command You would receive an exception PKIX,and then it would ask to enter a value and then provide value 1 which will generate a file called jssecacerts under ManageEngine\Servicedesk Plus MSP 

4. Copy the jssecacerts file under Manageengine\Servicedesk Plus MSP\jre\lib\security folder and then restart the servicedesk plus MSP service once . 

5. Make sure the Mail Server Settings is configured correctly, start the fetching and check if it works fine.

Nirmal Nathan. D
Direct Support Number : +1-408-352-9131
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