M365 Security Plus rolls out new audit actions in its latest build!

M365 Security Plus rolls out new audit actions in its latest build!

Hello Everybody!

       We are glad to announce the release of M365 Security Plus' latest build – 4505. This build will feature new audits and alerts on Azure AD, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online. The build will also feature an enhancement and issue fix.



  • Azure AD auditing and alerting : Added seventeen new actions to audit under three new categories, namely Azure AD Policy, Azure AD Device, and Azure AD Directory Management. Twelve new actions have been added under the existing Azure AD User, Azure AD Group, and Azure AD App Administration categories.

  • OneDrive for Business auditing and alerting : Added twenty eight new actions to audit under two new categories, namely OneDrive List Activities and OneDrive Site Administration.  

  • SharePoint Online auditing and alerting : Added three new actions to audit under SharePoint List Activities and SharePoint Site Administration categories.

  • New emails alert : Azure China tenants can now set alerts for new emails while configuring content search profiles.

Enhancement :

  • Enhanced UI with newly added descriptions for all actions listed in audit and alert profiles.


The following table shows all categories and the corresponding actions added in this release.



Audit action

Azure AD app administration

Add application

Add owner to application

Add owner to service principal

Add policy to service principal

Consent to application

Delete application

Hard Delete application

Remove app role assignment from service principal

Remove owner from service principal

Remove owner from application

Update service principal.

Update application

Azure AD Group

Add owner to group

Restore Group

Remove owner from group.

Azure AD user

Restore user

Set user manager

Azure AD Directory management

Add unverified domain

Verify domain.

Remove unverified domain.

Set Company Information

Azure AD Policy

Add policy

Update policy

Add owner to policy.

Delete policy

Azure AD Device

Update device

Add device.

Delete device.

Update device configuration.

SharePoint Site Administration

Removed permission level from site collection

Modified site collection quota

SharePoint List Activities

Viewed list item

OneDrive Site Administration

Added site collection admin

Added user or group

Created group

Removed site collection admin

Removed from group

Updated group

Changed a sharing policy

Changed device access policy

Created site collection

Deleted site

Modified site collection quota

OneDrive List Activities

Created list

Created list column

Created list item

Created site column

Created site content type

Deleted list

Deleted list column

Deleted list content type

Recycled list item

Restored list

Updated list

Updated list column

Updated list content type

Updated site column

Updated site content type

Viewed list item

Updated list item



Update using service pack.

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