M365 Manager Plus build 4543 is out now!

M365 Manager Plus build 4543 is out now!

Hello everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of M365 Manager Plus' latest build–4543.



  • Mail Server Authentication:

    • You can now secure access to your mail server using OAuth, besides basic authentication.

  • New report:

    • Filtered As Spam: This report shows mail traffic data that are marked as spam.


  • Domain Traffic Summary: This report will now use message trace as the new source of data and can now provide summarized traffic count over domains.

  • Data collection performance for the following category of reports has been improved.

    • User

    • Group

    • Contact


  • The cmdlet used for the Spam Detection report and Spam Detection audit profile has been deprecated by Microsoft. Instead, you can use the new Filtered As Spam report to get the details of emails marked as spam.

  • The Update user credentials audit action has been deprecated by Microsoft. Instead, you can use the Recently Password Changed Users report to get the details of users who have recently modified their credentials. You can also use the Change User Password audit action to audit the same.

  • The cmdlets used to fetch data for the following reports have been deprecated by Microsoft: Skype Numbers, Voice-enabled Users, Skype Removed Users, Detailed Mail Traffic, and Spam Traffic Summary. These reports can no longer be generated. However, previously generated data for these reports can still be accessed.

Issue Fixes:

  • The vulnerable JSON library (CVE-2023-5072) used previously in the product has been upgraded to the latest version 20231013.

  • An issue in Mail Trace audits where the report was not able to be exported when the Size column was selected has been fixed.

How to update?

Update using the service pack.


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