M365 Manager Plus build 4601 is out now!

M365 Manager Plus build 4601 is out now!

Hello everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of M365 Manager Plus' latest build–4601.


  • You can now schedule and configure backups for the product database from the Settings tab.
  • All reports can now be exported to the new XLSX file format instead of the older XLS format.

Bug Fixes

  • An XSS issue in the Password Expiry notification feature has been fixed.
  • A CSRF issue in the change default password setting has been fixed.
  • A few vulnerable JAR components have been updated to their latest versions.
  • An issue where the summarization query fails in Email Activity User report due to the request length exceeding the threshold, when there are a large number of mailtrace indices available, has been fixed. 
  • An issue where the columns List Count, Sites Count, and Drives Count always showed 0 in some reports even after successfully generating the values has been fixed.
  • An issue where SharePoint site reports fail to generate when a site is locked has been fixed.
  • An error which occurs in the Archive Mailbox Size report stating ManagementObjectAmbiguousException has been fixed.
  • An issue where an unknown error is shown when no public folder is present in the tenant has been fixed.
  • An issue in displaying audit data for the Compliance DLP Exchange and Compliance DLP SharePoint audit report categories has been fixed. 
  • An issue where technicians with Active Directory authentication were unable to login if their UPN's suffix is different from their actual domain name has been fixed.

How to update?

Update using service pack.


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