M365 Manager Plus' build 4503 released!

M365 Manager Plus' build 4503 released!

Hello Everybody!

      We are glad to announce the release of M365 Manager Plus' latest build – 4503. The new build will feature the following enhancements and bug fixes: 

  • Apply SSL certificate:  Administrators can now apply self-signed or CA-signed SSL certificate to enable HTTPS.
  • Forced password reset: Admins and technicians will be forced to reset the default password, if it isn't changed.
  • Removed Struts framework: Dependency on Struts framework has been removed to enhance product security.
Issue Fixes:
    The following issues have been fixed
  • Details of the deleted mobile devices were also shown in the Mobile Devices report.
  • Issue in filtering users based on group membership while creating help desk technicians.
  • Minor issues in management and content search modules.
  • Issue faced while generating the License Details report due to a change in Microsoft API has been fixed.
  • As Microsoft has retired support for auditing Microsoft Sway activities, the audit and alert profiles for Microsoft Sway in M365 Manager Plus will no longer be available.
  • Due to the deprecation of Get-MailDetailMalwareReport   cmdlet, M365 Manager Plus now uses Get-MailDetailATPReport   cmdlet to generate malware based general and audit reports.

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