M365 Manager Plus' 4528 build is out now!

M365 Manager Plus' 4528 build is out now!

Hello everybody!

      We are glad to announce the release of M365 Manager Plus' latest build–4528.


  • Data engine migration for improved performance: For customers who installed M365 Manager Plus before build 4324, Audit, Alert and Content Search data will be migrated to Elasticsearch data engine from the configured database to improve product performance.

  • Archiving: Users now have the option to archive and restore audit logs stored in Elasticsearch data engine.



  • You can now reset the configured MFA methods in the MFA Settings management task.

  • M365 Manager Plus now supports the employee ID attribute in user creation templates and tasks.

  • Users can now view the Schedule History for the Product Schedulers.


Issues fixed:

  • The issue of Multi-Factor Authentication Status report failing has been fixed.

  • The issue of the Password Credentials column not being updated during delta sync of the Azure AD Applications report has been fixed.

  • The issue of missing logs in the Recent Logon Failure report has been fixed.


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How to update?

Update using service pack.


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