M365 Credential issue

M365 Credential issue

To anyone who knows about ADManager Plus, 

We have been facing a recurring issue with ADManager Plus for over a year now, and it remains unresolved. We are reaching out to you in hopes of finding a solution as soon as possible.

The problem we are encountering is that ADManager Plus frequently fails to connect to M365, resulting in an error message when attempting to create a user account. This prevents any operations related to M365 from being carried out during these occurrences.

What is the impact: The impact of this issue is significant. Although the problem resolves itself after a few hours, we have lost trust in the system's ability to perform automated procedures effectively. As a result, we are unable to fully utilize the system's features, which in turn leads to increased manual effort from our team. This constraint is hindering our productivity and efficiency.

When we have reached out to your support team in the past, we have primarily been advised to update our credentials (even though there have been no changes to the username or password), Upload logs and wait until someone gets back! However, there hasn't been a permanent solution, and the issue continues to create additional workload for our team when setting up accounts during these periods.

Does anyone know what is happening and what can resolve this issue?

Can someone share the escalation procedure for an issue that is not effectively handled??

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