Gearing up for 2022's password challenges with ADSelfService Plus

Gearing up for 2022's password challenges with ADSelfService Plus

This year, the rapid adoption of hybrid and mobile working methods made managing and securing passwords particularly challenging. For example, employees on the move will not be connected to the organization's secure networks, and hence, their devices are vulnerable to identity and password theft. Furthermore, allowing access to an organization's critical resources through insecure public networks or even employees' home networks opens the risk of data leaks.

This is where ADSelfService Plus comes in. The solution has been helping IT professionals address these concerns by strengthening access security to Windows machines, both remote and local, VPN logons, and cloud apps. With ADSelfService Plus, admins were able to harden password security by:
  • Adding multi-factor authentication for VPN, VDI, machine (Windows, Mac, and Linux), and Exchange Admin Center logins, and cloud apps.
  • Enforcing fine-grained password policies (FGPPs) with stronger password settings to privileged users.
  • Enabling self-service password resets and account unlock, adopting SSO for enterprise apps.
  • Helping meet NIST SP 800-63B, GDPR, HIPAA, NYCRR, FFIEC, and PCI DSS regulatory requirements.

Also, to ensure that the solution can keep up with the demands of a mobile workforce, we added further capabilities like:
  • MFA for OWA: ADSelfService Plus has introduced MFA for OWA and Exchange Server logins.
  • OAuth and OpenID Connect SSO: SSO can now be enabled for any enterprise application that supports OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols along with SAML.
  • Support for Azure AD MFA: The MFA feature now supports two new secure authentication methods: Azure AD MFA and Zoho OneAuth TOTP.
  • Passwordless authentication: ADSelfService Plus and other SSO-enabled applications can now be accessed using advanced authentication methods such as biometrics, YubiKey, and Google Authenticator without having to enter a password.

2022 promises to be an eventful year with even more functionalities in the pipeline. I'm positive that ADSelfService Plus will continue to enhance organizations' password security frameworks. If you would like to know more about bolstering your organization's password security, just let us know, and we can initiate a conversation right away.

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